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Haulm destruction

Haulm destructionVirus infections are rarely visible in the field, especially if they occur late in the season. It is therefore not really possible to rogue plants infected with virus diseases. That is why the haulm must be destroyed in good time, to prevent the risk of viruses being transmitted to the tubers. The NAK determines the best dates for destroying the haulm each season on the basis of the number of aphids and the level of infection in the field.

Preparing the material for the ELISA testPost-harvest inspections
But even if the haulm has been destroyed on time, it is still not certain that the seed potatoes will meet the virus standards. That is why post-harvest inspections often have to be carried out in addition to field inspections. The potatoes are then examined in a laboratory for the presence of viruses. The NAK inspects seed potatoes of classes S and SE for the presence of black leg after harvest. This is done by taking samples of 200 tubers per plot. The NAK tests some five million tubers per year.